ESal: Engineered Salinity 2.0

On this episode of Go Be WYO Aaron visits with friends of the show Salem Thyne, Brandon Skinner and Valdimir Ulyanov from ESal: Engineered Salinity. ESal is a Wyoming start up based out of Laramie. They have discovered a new way to extract oil and natural gas using salinity and water. The team talks about what they love about Wyoming, challenges and benefits of being a start up. Listen to the tremendous oppoutunity that is available for not just the U.S. oil market but for the enhanced oil recovery industry for the global demand of energy. Using their patented technology ESal can recovery up to 1 trillion barrels of oil in the WORLD and billions of barrels in the U.S.

Learn more about there here on Start Engine | Website

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Wyoming Taxpayer's Association | Ashley Harpstreith

On this episode of Go Be WYO, Aaron visits with recurring guest, Executive Director of the Wyoming Taxpayer's Association, Ashley Harpstreith. They recap many of the items covered and discussed at the end of 2021 and upcoming issues for the State of Wyoming 2022 Legislative Session.

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Miss Wyoming USA | Mackenzie Kern 2.0

On today's episode Aaron catches up with Mackenzie Kern, Miss Wyoming 2021 before she heads off to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete for the Miss USA crown. They talk about all her travel, preparation (mentally and physically) as well as get the inside scoop to her dress and designer. Aaron asks Mackenzie what her plans are for after the competition, the winning mindset she has going into it and fashion ideas for her business Shop Loveleigh.

@misswyusa | @mackenzieleighkern

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Bruce Moriarty | Film Producer, Director

On Today's episode Aaron sits down with film producer, director, horse stuntman and local business owner, Bruce Moriarty. Bruce at an early age had the passion for movies getting experience as a horse stuntman in local Canadian films as a teenager. This would lead him to horse training and stunt work in the movie industry. Bruce is proud of his work on all of his films, his most notable are; Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Black Stallion, 13th Warrior and many more! Aaron asks him about his love for Wyoming, how Wyoming can become more attractive for the film industry and how he spends his time on his little ranch outside Bighorn, WY. 

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